Raising healthy kids - not always an easy task

Do you have as much of a hard time as I do trying to raise healthy and well balanced kids? Having three kids with three extremely different palates is quite challenging. They never seem to be in-sync with each other on what they like and dislike which makes grocery shopping and making meals almost impossible unless I make three different meals.

I have one who only likes carbs and dairy, one who gets stuck on one thing and won't eat anything else (yes, he is my autistic guy), and I have one that is much more adventurous. How the heck do you make dinner for this clan? I have chosen to make three meals to ensure they each get a well balanced meal each night. Some think I'm crazy. I am just trying to avoid the yelling.

I have also become very sneaky with what I serve them at home...the only place I can control what is going in them. I have replaced some of their dairy products with non-dairy substitutions. I limit their meat consumptions and serve protein in yummy shakes or in non-dairy milk. We also eat a lot of peanut butter, oatmeal, and eggs too. Any little change is a BIG change in the long run. I also try to have a variety of healthy snacks to munch on but also once a week I will surprise them with some sort of treat to snack on to avoid junk food binge eating. This is my attempt to avoid tantrums about not having candy, etc in the house but I can't lie...it doesn't always work. I am so thankful for social media which is where I get a lot of ideas to be more creative.

Lately, they each are much more interested in cooking which has really helped empower them to make healthier choices. I love watching them in the kitchen. It has really taught a lot of independence and confidence for each of them. There is nothing better than walking into the kitchen and they are making smoothies or banana muffins together.

My ultimate hope, as all of us do, is that everything will balance out and they will continue to make better choices on their own which makes me one proud mama!

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