Some easy ways to de-clutter your closets

Are you the type who always has a pile of unfolded clothes on your closet floor? I know I am! Do you still have clothes that you haven't worn in years hiding way in the back? Does it take you forever to find the outfit you really want to wear?

I have come up with some of my favorite tips for de-cluttering your closet quickly and inexpensively.

Use more hangers

Hanging clothes solves so many problems. Make it a fun, grab a glass of wine and turn on your favorite tunes! Hanging everything, including belts and sweaters makes a huge difference. You can also color coordinate your closet light to dark and even add in another layer short sleeve to long sleeve. Remember to purge things that you haven't worn in the past 6 will not wear it again. I suggest donating or selling your unworn items on an online site...there are so many good ones!

Store your off-season clothes

If you don't have a gigantic walk-in closet, don’t bother trying to fit every season of clothing in there. Instead, take all of your off-season clothes and place in storage bins. Don't forget to label your bins. It will make unpacking each season so much easier!

Fold clothes vertically

Take all of your scarves and fold vertically so you can easily find the perfect one quickly. You can even do this with your t-shirts. If you are really struggling with space; roll your t-shirts.

Using racks and jewelry hangers

Using an expanding or wall rack to hang jewelry and handbags makes for easy grabbing. Also by grouping similar items, it will help you when you're in a hurry putting an outfit together or packing for a trip.

These are just a few quick ways to de-clutter this season. Don't forget to have some fun :)

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