Celebrating all Moms on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a special day and a day that I couldn't wait to become part of. Thirteen years ago, I was lucky enough to become the mom of my first of three children. It was so special for me and I was excited to be "part of the mom club". In the past thirteen years, I have learned a lot about what this day should embrace.

As a mom I find that we spend so much of our time competing and comparing ourselves with each other instead of cheering each other on. Whether it's a mom you pass in the grocery store or your very best friend, we need to always lend a helping hand of support and have empathy for one another. Life can be so hard and children can bring the most amazing joy but they can also put so much stress on us moms.

We, as a whole, are always wanting the best for our kids...the best schools, the best experiences, the best clothes, etc. and what we all need to remember is that our kids just want our love and attention. Not all of us can afford the best of everything but that doesn't mean we are less of a mom.

Some of us moms also have been blessed with children that need more attention and support which in turn, these moms need an extra smile or helping hand at times. Let's take this day and turn it into a day we are not only celebrated by our children but a day we celebrate each other for all we do all year long. If anyone can understand what a day in a life is like for a mom; it's another mom!

Whether you're a mom or not, as we all came from a mom, let's celebrate all moms tomorrow. Hold a door open for a mom at the store, send a smile from across the restaurant, or buy a mom a coffee next time your out. The more we celebrate each other as moms and strong women, we will be creating a community with more empathy and support for one another.

Wishing you all a VERY Happy Mother's Day!

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