Ready, Set, Slow Down and Enjoy the Holidays!

The holidays are the same time every year yet I always find myself scrambling at the end to finish things on time. The struggle of balancing family, work, school activities, and holiday preparations can be challenging but keeping family the main focus has been the key for me this year. How do you keep it together this time of year?

The kids and I have found that making some new traditions now that we are more settled in our "new normal" family life have been fun and extremely helpful. We are also making the most of the time we have together...quality vs quantity. Game nights in front of the Christmas tree, cookie making, going to the theater, and serving the homeless are some of the fun things we have chosen to do this holiday season. The kids seem less stressed and I sure know I do; even though I'm scrambling for last minute gifts this week. I've also added some fun calendar reminders for next year to try and help keep me more on track while things are fresh in my mind from this year's experiences. Hopefully, then, I will be able to take some of these learnings and turn them into even more positive experiences for next year which would allow for even more quality time with my kids and friends...a win for everyone!

So whatever you celebrate this time of year, take the time to remember there is no trophy for the mom whose does the most. Slow down and snuggle with your kids no matter how big they are! Spend time with friends and family that make you feel good about yourself and don't let work run the show. I sure know I always need a reminder this time of year to take a deep breath, so this is my friendly reminder to you to do the same.

Happy Holidays!

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