My Top 10 Questions with Kurstin Christie!

As a Los Angeles public relations consultant and mom of 6 a year old son, Kurstin has worked for 13 years on client strategic planning, media relations and new business development for hotels/resorts, restaurant, airlines, nonprofit organizations and high-profile events. She began her career working with the prominent Four Seasons brand and spent seven years at Murphy O’Brien, one of Los Angeles’ leading public relations agencies where she served as an account director. Today, Kurstin works to balance her busy consulting business, motherhood, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and supporter of many worthy causes and proves to be knocking it out of the park! She's a true inspiration to me and I'm so lucky to call her my friend for over 20 years.

What is your “can’t live without” beauty item?

A: Definitely concealer. No matter how much sleep I get and how much water I drink I always have dark circles under my eye so I dab it there and anywhere else I need a little coverage. I always carry a tube in my purse.

What will you NOT leave the house without?

A: I have three make-up items - Tinted Moisturizer, under eye concealer and a brighter lipstick. As I’m getting older I’m noticing my skin gets more blotchy so I never leave the house without putting s layer of tinted moisturizer, under eye concealer and a brighter color lipstick (right now I’m obsessed with Laura Mercier Luxe Lip Color in Retro Coral.

Do you have a quick stress relief technique?

A: I absolutely love taking a hot bath when I’m stressed. I turn the lights out and light a candle and soak. Add some L’Occitan Verbena bubble bath and a glass of wine and I’ve had an “attitude adjustment”

What app can you NOT live without?

A: I absolutely love Instagram because it helps me stay connected to the world. I get everything from inspiration for decorating, keep up with my friends and family, get a laugh from some of the funny people I follow to breaking news.

What is your secret to juggling work and family?

A: I think the struggle for juggling work and family will always be there. It wasn’t until my son said, “Mom stop looking at your phone and focus,” that I realized I need to set aside time to be 100% for all of it. A trick my friend taught me is to use your calendar to map out your day. Schedule time to go on a “date” with your child/husband or family. Make the most out of your time to work.

What is your “go to” weekend getaway and why?

A: My son loves to visit Hotel Irvine. They always have great rates, fun packages that include nearby activities and it’s centrally located. In the summer they have outdoor movie nights, during the fall they have a offer trips to the nearby Tanaka Farms. The hotel also has a pool (a must with our child), breakfast is included with the room and they have a great market where with everything from beer and wine to fresh pizzas and local artisan snacks. We’ve stayed there and they arranged for us to rent a Duffy boat in Newport Beach. I would never have expected to like a hotel right off the 405 so much!

What is your favorite family weekend get away destination?

A: Right now I have to say Palm Springs because it’s only a 2 hour drive from LA and it’s beautiful this time of year. There are plenty of hotels in different price ranges. For a splurge I would say the Le Parker Palm Springs mid range would be LaQuinta and there are plenty of budget places and all of them have pools. We recently went to the desert with our extended family had had a blast. Our trip highlights included:

-Visiting Hadleys for a date shake

-Stop in Cabazon to take a picture with the Cabazon Dinosaurs

-Mexican at Las Casuals (I always went there with my parents when I was a little girl so it’s fun to visit with my family)

-Palm Springs Aerial Tramway (it’s such a fun for everyone. The tram is a 10-15 minute ride up and the floor rotates so you see everything). When you get to the top you can either go hiking, snow skiing. dining, etc. We just went up to have lunch and walk around. Tip: make sure you bring warm clothes because it’s COLD up there.

What is your “go to” website/blog that you can’t live without?

A: I’m going to have to admit I love Perez Hilton. I know it’s bad, but I am a sucker for celeb gossip and I love the way the news is reported.

What are your tips for decorating and dressing on a budget?

A: For decorating, don’t be afraid of Ikea. Yes, you have to build the furniture, but their stuff has gotten better and with kids you won’t freak out if things get ruined. For dressing, splurge on one timeless piece a season. I may wear Old Navy and Target, but I’ll add a more pricey handbag, sunglasses or shoes. I also suggest staying away from prints. A plain black dress from Target can always be dressed up by nicer accessories. Another example for this fall - Up your casual weekday “uniform” of jeans and a $15 dollar white t-shirt with a luxe cashmere scarf or sweater.

What is your secret to not losing yourself in “mommy hood?

A: This is something I’m still struggling with, but I think it’s important to hold onto something that mattered to you before kids. For me, it’s about trying to stay put together/fashionable. My style has definitely changed (I rarely wear heels or dry-clean only clothes), but I still try to look fashionable in my everyday life. I avoid wearing sweatpants unless I’ve having a really hard day. I also try to keep up with getting my hair done and get regular mani/pedis. The combination of roots, an overgrown cut and hang nails is definitely rock-bottom for me.

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