My Top 10 Questions with Mimi Dakar Berry!

I wanted to get one of my favorite skin care gurus to tell us more about herself, so I of course went to Mimi Dakar Berry! Having grown up in the skincare business, it was a natural progression for Mimi Dakar Berry to follow her mother Sonya Dakar’s footsteps. Mimi sits as the Vice President and Creative Director of Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic in Beverly Hills. Born in Israel and raised in Los Angeles, some of Mimi’s earliest memories include playing under the facial beds with her sister while her mother tended to the skin of Hollywood’s elite. She went on to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and began her career in public relations. She now oversees marketing and product development at Sonya Dakar.

While Mimi is an overall skincare expert, she has gained recognition for her unique take on beauty trends, innovative skincare treatment, as well as DIY tips and tricks, having shared this insight with viewers of television shows such as Good Morning America, E!, Access Hollywood, PopSugar and The Doctors. Additionally, she’s appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Orange County. Mimi currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband and two sons. When not helping to run the family business, she enjoys gardening, cooking and updating her food blog, Miss Beauty Foodie. She's a HUGE supporter of my non-profit, Wish Upon A Teen and has dedicated many hours to helping in her community.

1. What is your “can’t live without” beauty item?

My Omega Oil- 100% . Its all natural, organic, gives my skin an instant glow and nourishment. My skin literally does not look the same with out it.

2. What will you NOT leave the house without?

My purse!! I keep my essentials in it at all time, credit card, pouch, a snack for my kids, epi pens, my phone and keys. Plus there is always a lipstick or lipgloss in there--- just in case.

3. What is your quick stress relief technique?

There are a few things I do that has really help manage stress.

  1. It sounds corny, but I tell myself that it’s just a temporary feeling and by this time tomorrow or next week It will have passed and all worked it.

  2. I like to listen to Sirius radio- I love talk radio and Chanel 102 (Andy radio) has some great programming . I love to hear people speak about any and all issues from politics , to real housewives… it really relaxes me

  3. I try to disconnect after 9pm from checking emails . If its urgent anyone can call or text. But I feel that always being connected never lets me relax and let go, which is key if I want to be refreshed and read for the next day.

4. What app can you NOT live without?

Amazon: I can get groceries delivered, birthday gifts and even dinner for me and my husband when we want to spend a nice evening in and enjoy dinner and a movie from out couch!

5. What is your secret to juggling work and family?

Asking for and accepting help. I can’t do it all myself. Whether it’s my husband taking my kids to school when I have an early morning or am out of town. Or friends driving my kids home.

It takes a village to raise children, and as a working mother I realize as much as I want to I can’t do it all myself.

6. What is your “go to” weekend getaway and why?

I LOVE Palm Springs. The weather is always warm, and there is something about being surrounded by palm trees and mountains that is very soothing. Plus I got married there so it will always be a very special city to me.

7. What is your “go to” dinner that you’ve mastered?

Lemon and garlic roasted chicken with potatoes- super easy one pan dish. Plus I make mean chicken soup that my family loves.

8. What is your most recent splurge?

I have not had one in a while, but it’s always shoes. Shoes , chocolate and bravo tv are my vices.

9. What are your tips for decorating and dressing on a budget?

Mix it up. I love following great stylists and fashion bloggers on social media and really take inspiration from them. I try to reinvent my clothes and add some fresh pieces from Zara (my fav on trend affordable store) to mix it up. I also love west elm, CB2 and target or home shopping. Some fresh pillows and accents can really transform a room.

10. What is your secret to not losing yourself in “mommyhood?

I try to be in the moment when I am with my boys. It’s easy to be on your phone, but I learned that quality time is more important that quantity. I try every moment count.

Also, I need me time. I mostly stick to a 7pm bed time for my children (they are really young so it works for now). And as soon as they are in bed I take a nice hot shower, get changed into my cozy lounge clothes and really try and enjoy some time to myself and with my husband. It’s the most important thing I can do for myself and my children.

Special thanks to Mimi for taking the time to share some insight with us. Stay gorgeous!

Thanks for reading!

- Michelle

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