Ready or Not the Holidays are Upon Us!

As I survey my friends and family on how ready they feel for the upcoming holidays, I get a whole mix of responses. Those that are ready and have been for weeks, those who are almost done, and the really crazy ones who just started! I have to say this year is the first year that I am completely done (minus the wrapping) a week before hand. No running around for last minute things, no paying double for rush delivery, and some reduced stress because of the previous two.

I think we, as moms, really are always trying to do it all especially during the holidays. We volunteer in the classrooms, we host the parties, we try and create such a "perfect" tradition (no matter what the tradition) for our kids that we sometimes lose sight of what's really important. I have tried to not over schedule myself this year. Which means being okay with not volunteering in each of my kids classes for parties and events, not doing as much hosting, and trying to spend much more quality time with my kids. I really was forced to this year because it's the first year my kids will experience the holidays as a divorced family. I don't want them to skip a beat and feel that their "traditions" have changed just because our family dynamic has changed.

No matter what your marital status is, I think we can all learn to sometimes take a step (or two) back and not feel like we have to kill ourselves trying to do it all during the holidays. What our kids want most is time with us to share in and enjoy the traditions that we have created. Some of my favorite times with my kids during the holidays are the simple ones...pajama days watching movies and playing games, baking cookies and not caring if the kitchen is destroyed, and most of all cuddling and eating the cookies we made together.

Even though my children and I will have a "new" holiday experience this year, they will know they are loved and will experience some "new" added traditions to the "old" ones to make this year's holiday season the best yet. So no matter where you are in your pursuit of making this holiday season your best, hold on tight and try to enjoy because the holidays are upon us!

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