What is “Mild” Cerebral Palsy?

Meet my sweet Mia!

She’s 7 ½ years old and was diagnosed just before 6th birthday with mild cerebral palsy. Mia was always developmentally behind and I suspected something as she was always walking in to walls, very clumsy, had speech delays, and memory issues, but her pediatrician never mentioned anything. When Mia started kindergarten, she was still having frequent falls and struggling with speech and social development. Her teacher referred us to see an OT who then intern referred us to a PM&R doctor who confirmed Mia’s diagnosis.

Ever since her diagnosis she has rocked all of her therapy and given 200%. I’m so very proud of her. She wants to do well and works so hard in school and therapy to be the best she can be. Areas that are affected are confidence, balance, stability, endurance, learning and speech. Mia is in mainstream school but is pulled out twice a day for additional support. She receives therapy in school — OT, PT, and speech as well as privately after school once a week for OT and works with a tutor twice a week. Mia is in her second year of dance and is playing on her very first soccer team. These things come hard for her but that NEVER stops her!

She is my hero and my life!

For more information about mild CP please visit - http://www.cerebralpalsysource.com/Types_of_CP/mild_cp/index.html

Thanks for reading! - Michelle

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