How to handle the holidays and keep your sanity straight.

I don't know about you, but with Thanksgiving this week I'm starting to feel the stress building! With this being our first holiday season divorced, I'm trying to figure out what our "new normal" looks like. The kids have lots of questions and so do I. I am determined to make this holiday season the best yet! Who said divorce and the holidays can't work?

I have spent the weekend trying to map out how to keep my sanity through all of this and my first plan of attack is to get VERY organized. I don't need to follow a plan exactly, but I need a map so I don't get lost. On this map I will have time cut out for some mom/kid time watching movies and doing some games and crafts, getting some prep cooking done ahead of time, and I will also make sure that I have some mom time scheduled with workouts daily (a MUST for my sanity) as well as plan for one night out with friends while the kids are with their dad. The kids will also spend some time with both of us coming together as our "new family" for certain things that we feel are important to share together with the kids.

Having things mapped out for all of us will allow for some direction during a time that is already so hectic. What we, as moms, need to remember is that there is no medal for who makes the most, does the most, or entertains the most people. We need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves and take some time during the holidays to just sit and enjoy them. Our kids grow up fast and before we all know it the will be grown and out of the house.

So remember, the holidays are for ALL of us to enjoy so ask for help and do a lot of prep in advance so that you too can enjoy them!

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