It's okay to have a bad day - how to bounce back.

When it's only Monday and you are already faced with a tough day...Here's what I have found to work for me as a busy mom of three. I used to always think that once the day has gone wrong the day was shot and there was no chance it could be turned around. Now don't get me wrong, those thoughts still creep into my head from time to time and that is when I rely on these suggestions to help pull me out of my "funk".

I have learned through many, many trials and errors and lots of therapy to find the good in every situation. Yes, there is good in every situation! Stopping and taking a deep breath before responding to my "bad day" was the hardest part for me. Sometimes that deep breath needed to take a good majority of the day before I could take on the rest of my day, but that's okay. Especially in the beginning or when your day has really hit you with a doozy!

The second thing I learned was to take stock in what I do have and was it really something that I needed to let ruin my day. We are so apt to compare ourselves, especially as mothers, to each other and set extremely high expectations for ourselves. This is so easy to fall into and another difficult one to leave behind. But, when you stop and put things into perspective and realize that the most important things are the simple, family, a roof over your head, food on the table; you start to realize whatever is causing this "bad day" isn't really worth spending much time on.

My third suggestion is all about music. Whether you're at work or at home; pop in your headphones and crank up your favorite tunes for a few minutes. Music is such a great way for me to release stress and anxiety. There is a song for EVERY feeling!

The forth thing that I will do, especially if the others haven't worked, is give a friend a call. Sometimes another person's perspective is everything!

Now this one is truly my favorite, if I'm being honest. It's OKAY to let yourself have a bad day! Sometimes you just need to feel what you're feeling and work through it. Take a "ME DAY" and whether it's sitting reading a book, heading to the gym, or laying on the sofa watching re-runs of Sex in the City until the kids get home from's okay! Don't be so hard on yourself. It's so important to take time to feel things and to work through them. Just remember, we are all human and can't be so hard on ourselves.

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