5 ways to meet new mom friends!

Having some core mommy friends is key to surviving the highs and lows of parenting. They give us an outlet to socialize, bounce ideas off of, get a different perspective from someone going through a similar experience and make the days at the park a lot more fun. If you’re lacking fellow mommy friends, we’re here to help. Here are five ideas to help you make new friends.

1. If you’re new to motherhood or just moved to town, look for weekly baby groups in your area in the local papers. Your pediatrician can also point you in the right direction to find these groups. This can be a great support system and an excellent opportunity to talk about your experiences as you take on a new the challenges that come with motherhood.

2. Your local library is a wonderful place to take your child of any age to meet other moms. They offer amazing free programs from mommy and me classes for your younger child to lego classes for your older child; and if you're not in the mood for a class, just go and hang out with your child for reading time and let your kids play on the computers and you're sure to meet other moms in the same position you are in.

3. Do a search on Facebook for mom groups that fit your needs. Twins, stay at home mom, single mom, working moms, etc. There is a group for almost every mom out there. Post that you’re going to the park or the museum and invite others to join. You will be surprised at the responses.

4. Take the initiative and plan a mom’s night out. Invite a couple people you know and have each of them invite one other person. Here’s the reality – every mom dreams of a few hours away from the family so put yourself out there and plan something fun. It doesn't have to be anything too extravagant...an early dinner and a glass of wine can do wonders for your mental health.

5. Have you been at the park and noticed another mom that looks like someone who might be your type of friend? It could be because you like the way she dresses or you have seen her at park before. Don’t be shy. Strike up a conversation and if you hit it off make a date to meet again.

Remember, we are all on the same team just trying to master the art of motherhood one day at a time. Life is always more fun with a couple good friends by your side.

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