Can we moms really have it all?

I struggle with this question constantly! What is having it all mean anyway? Is it having a successful career, or having a wonderful marriage? Is it having a family, the biggest house, or the most expensive car? I truly think it’s whatever is important to you on a daily basis! I know that some days I just want to get through the day without crying or yelling. Some days my expectations are much higher.

As a mom of three, I find that there is so much pressure on us to be “perfect” and I realized a while ago that this word should really be removed from the English language or at least given a new definition. Perfection comes in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and moods. While we are in the pursuit, we need to remember to live in the moment and appreciate each and every milestone as they come. Some will be small and some will be larger but in the end they are all worth celebrating.

I, personally, had put so much pressure on myself over the years to present a “perfect” life and just in the past 6 month (after my divorce) I realized that putting this much pressure on myself only created more stress. I was so consumed with what “others” would think or say and feeling like I had FAILED that my life continued to spiral out of control. Finding my own ideas of what “having it all” meant was life changing for me. I went from worrying about what others thought and said to celebrating my own successes no matter how big or small. I made a list of what was important to me and where I saw myself in 2 years. I then started to do what was on my list. By doing this I am able to accomplish so much more in my day and feel successful at the end of each day and know what is truly important to me and my children.

So, my pursuit to having it all is first and foremost making sure my mind and body are healthy with regular workouts throughout the week, spending time with friends that really matter and make a positive difference in my life, taking time away from my kids to enjoy some peace, and splurging on a new pair of shoes every now and then.

- Michelle

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Michelle is a single mom raising three kids - 2 with special needs - and is dedicated to advocating for more community resources for parents of children with special needs. 

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